Maki-E “Crane and Tortoise” Japan art F/Pen-NEW

Super rare fountain pen for collectors.

Nippon ART Collection “ Maki e / Pure gold foil”

Kaga Maki-e Collection

“Crane and Tortoise ”

A pattern is a classic Japanese-style pattern.

Japan which expressed a “Crane and Tortoise ” is a pattern from ancient times.

Material : Lacquering / Maki e / Pure gold foil / pure silver

“Crane and Tortoise ” shined beautifully had pure gold and a pure silver and expressed it.

This article does not retail it in a market.

Please try to have it in its hand by all means at this opportunity.

It is the very beautiful Fountain pen which wrapped up the whole barrel by “ Maki e ”.

One craftsman performed all processes by manual labor and produced it.

This gold leaf is called Kanazawa foil. The Kanazawa foil was made for the first time in 1593 by a craftsman of Kaga. It is used a lot for Japanese arts and crafts product afterward.

It is a highest grade Fountain pen of Kaga lacquer work.

A Maki-e master produced this Fountain pen with a handicraft.

The color that used gold leaf abundantly is gorgeous brightness.

Kaga Maki-e is a meaning produced in Kaga.

Kaga is the Japanese city that is famous because there is an excellent studio by lacquering and production
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