Maki e Fountain pen-G “Pine,bamboo,plum” NEW

Super rare fountain pen for collectors.

Japan ART Collection “ Maki e / Pure gold foil”

“ Maki e / Pure gold foil” COLLECTION

Please try to have it in its hand by all means at this opportunity.

It is the very beautiful fountain pen which wrapped up the whole barrel by “ Maki e Pure gold foil”.

One craftsman performed all processes by manual labor and produced it.

This gold leaf is called Kanazawa foil. The Kanazawa foil was made for the first time in 1593 by a craftsman of Kaga. It is used a lot for Japanese arts and crafts product afterward.

It is a highest grade fountain pen of Kaga lacquer work.

A Maki-e master produced this fountain pen with a handicraft.

The color that used gold leaf abundantly is gorgeous brightness.

Kaga Maki-e is a meaning produced in Kaga.

Kaga is the Japanese city that is famous because there is an excellent studio by lacquering and production of lacquer work (Maki-e)

" Pine,bamboo,plum " “ 松竹梅 ”

The Fountain pen details

Condition : NEW

Production : Japan (Kaga Maki e)

Model name : Pine,bamboo,plum 松竹梅

Nib : Iridium Point Germany  ( M)

Ink cartridge : Pelican 4001

Length : 138mm

Diameter : 12mm

Weight : 30g (80g)

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