Malaya BMA Malaya KGV1 cover SINGAPORE 1947 cds to AMP Australia (2 scans)

Malaya BMA Malaya KGV1 cover SINGAPORE 1947 cds (2 scans)

If multiple scans are mentioned above they are shown under the terms etc below)

Terms, conditions and descriptions and notes:

I usually sell stamps but sometimes sell coins and other items.

I use basic descriptions combined with good photos and I am happy to send more details/scans if requested. The scans form part of the description, so please look at the scans , especially reverse scans if I show them.

Terms I used include KGV for King George V, CDS for Circular Date Stamp, and cut-out for stamps cut from pre-paid postal stationary etc. Also MH = Mint Hinged, MNH = Mint Never Hinged, MNG = Mint No Gum

Following an astute and diligent Ebayer pointing out that one stamp that they purchased from me, for .99p, amongst several hundred in a lot that I described as all being MNH, showed, under intense magnification via microscope and using optimum lighting, possible traces of a hinge, I now often describe lots that I think are MNH as "appear to be MNH". I am happy to inspect mint stamps more closely upon request, but you will need to send me a really good microscope.

I offer a full refund of the purchase price if the purchaser is not happy with their item/s for any reason. I am happy to send items registered/insured
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