male chastity devices Stainless steel Belt chastity cage

Size: Urethral Stretching diameter is 6mm, the length of about 65mm. Ring size:: 38.1mm, 41.3mm, 44.4mm, 47.6mm, 50.8mm. You can choose one of them.

Its material is fine stainless steel.This item is made entirely by hand soldering.No chrome plating and No nickel Just hand-polished plating.

Note: goods size for measurement methods, measuring equipment and so on the different will have a little error, usually ± 1 mm error are normal, do not belong to the quality problem or not is introduced.

Identification of stainless steel

1,when you receive the product, please use the weapon (such as blades, screwdrivers, nail clippers, etc.) in the product does not affect the use of obscure or where a little hard to draw a mark, shown in Figure 1, if the paint marks, the products appear on the right this brass, to prove the product surface plating.

2,prove that the product is stainless steel, please find a container, cut the plastic bowl or bottle, put a little water, wine, a salt, then soak the product for one night, if the product is high quality stainless steel, should be soaked before color the same. And last a long time in the next will not rust, generally poor quality of stainless steel in the immersion, the same day or week will begin to rust. Because the body will sweat, sweat, there are salt,
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