Malifaux Collection Three Full Crews + Case and Books

This auction is for a large malifaux collection. Three full crews to play with Case, Two Fate Decks, as well as the Original Rule Book and the Rising Powers Rule Book. The list of Models included are the following:

2- Teddys

2- Mature Nephilim

4- Young Nephilim

3- Terror Tot Nephilim

1- Pandora (avatar of woe form)

1- Coryphee

1- Lilith

1- Convict Gunslinger

1- Poltergeist

1- Doppelganger

1- Primordial Magic

1- Candy

1- Baby Cade

1- Cherub

3- Sorrows

1- Kill Joy

1- Cassandra

1- Colette

2- Preformer

2- Mannequin

I am only Shipping inside the US.

Paypal Only Please.