Mamiya C3 Professional

Up for sale is supercool medium format, twin lens reflex camera, the Mamiya C3 Professional. The camera has two lens both Mamiya-Sekor f=80mm, 1:2.8 Seikosha-S.
The camera manually focuses by protruding the lenses out with an accordion vinyl. The vinyl is in good condition, a little dusty, but no tears or cuts, and is not stiff or dried out. The inside of the film area is very clean. The viewing port is a little dusty, but the focusing screen is bright and clear, and the camera has a flip-down magnifier.
The shutter fires at all speeds -- from 1/500 to 1sec, and there is a B setting. The blades are clean and oil-free, and the action is smooth from f32 to f2.8. The top lens is # 1117594, the bottom is #1115161.
This camera takes great photos. The image quality is really unique. But keep in mind that is HEAVY.