You will definitely appreciate the quality and beauty of this unique multi-functional bottlestopper/corkscrew combo. This peice is an example of functional art designed by Charles Turnage. Sold at high end Galleries around the world for upwards of $200.00 or more.

The top part of this stopper is made out of fossil mammoth tooth with a section of fossil mammoth ivory just below it.

Without a doubt this is the finest combo that you may ever see. The corkscrew is made out of heavy-duty chrome wire and is stored inside the bottle when not in use. This is the perfect stopper for that expensive bottle wine in your cellar.

T have been several articles published in magazines, such as, Popular Woodworking, Niche, American Woodturner and others about his unique incorporation of fossils, woods, and other materials into functional artwork.

Thanks and God Bless