Manhattan Plate Co. silverplate coffee urn & teapot set

are a total of 6 major pieces, not counting two lids, of "Manhattan N. Y. Plate Co", as stated on the bottom of the coffee urn along with, "Nickle Silver / Patented Decr. 11, 1861". I will state right off that this set is in the Greek Key pattern and in my opinion it needs to be resilverplated completely unless you just desire it for its historical significance. I understand that silverplating can get expensive, but also I realize what this set would be worth if it is. The only denting I can find is on the teapot's back handle which is also slightly loose, but this is due to age and it can be tightened by a professional. All but one of the pieces are monogrammed with a "W", and this can be removed also. ___ I will start with the coffee urn of which is the only major piece not monogrammed and it measures 16 1/2" 2ith the lid on and from handle to handle it is 10" across. The handle on the spout is either comprised of a bone type material or ivory which has nicely patinaed with age. The handle turns freely and the lid fits nicely. The Greek Key pattern is small, molded and at the top was the remaining pieces have the pattern at the centers and in large engraving and an entirely different pattern going around their tops. (This is an indication to me that the urn came at a different time period or this is what you got out of the

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