Manhattans GROUP SOUL 45 Follow Your Heart / Boston Mon

Artist : Manhattans
Title : Follow Your Heart / The Boston Monkey
Label : Carnival 512
Condition : 7 with slight jukebox swirls
Grading Scale:
10 : Mint… Perfect record, clean gloss, no marks, beautiful in every way. Very few records will make mint.
9 : Mint -… Very clean, only a few light marks. A great record.
8 : Condition between 7 and 9. but closer to 9
7 : VG+… Used, but not abused. Light scratches only. Should play, and look very nice with minimal surface noise.
6 : VG… Looks a bit used, light scratches, no gouges, still plays well, some surface noise.
5 : VG-… A bit rough but will play ok. Fills the collection.
4 : G… Plays very rough. Has multiple scratches. What a bargain!!
3-2-1 : It only goes down from here.
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