MANOLO BLAHNIK Black Suede Pumps Heels 40 Pre-Owned

I have a pair of Black Suede Manolo Blahnik Pumps Square Heel size 40, approximate measurement 10.5 from toe to heel.

They look great, I bought these pumps off Ebay and the seller stated at the time gently used.

I bought them for my daughter she took one look and said mom you know I love flats. I thought well every girl needs a nice pair of black pumps. So that was a nice $300 out the window.

She never wore them they have been sitting in her closet for months. Yesterday she said please put them on ebay, I need the space :-)

The box they are in is not the original box, which admittedly I did not notice until I got ready to list them. The box is not in the best of shape has two tears and the bottom part is a bit out of shape.

T is not bag. Some people like a nice box and a bag. Me I am more about what is in that box.

So in the box you have a very nice classy pair of Manolo's that have not been worn since I purchased them off ebay. The only use was from the previous owner, who said she wore them once.

Inside is very clean and the suede looks gorgeous, underneath the bottom is w the gently used part comes in, looks like she might have taken a walk across a parking lot.

Okay enough informaton on that. Please email me with any questions you may have and I will happy
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