Up for auction is a Manophone in excellent cosmetic condition, but unfortunately, is non-working.

The crank will turn one way, but never seems to tension up, and the turntable never turns (except when turned manually). T is a lock on the turntable that is functional, and what appears to be a volume control. The arm itself has some light corrosion, but moves freely. The knob for the needle release is free.

I noticed that the screws holding the volume knob in are wobbled out some, possibly from a previous repair. I myself have not removed any of the screws.

The felt on the turntable is loose on the edges, this can be seen in one of the pictures.

The cabinet is quartersawn oak veneer, and is in excellent condition. T are no cracks or bubbled areas in the veneer. The finish is what I'd call satin, and is definitely not a high gloss finish. I believe this to be the original finish.

The joints at each of the corners are slightly separated at the top, but this is very slight and is not very noticable. The integrity of the case is unaffected by these.

T are small chips in the the bottom edges of the curved wood pieces between the legs, but these are pretty small. I've included a picture of this area.

T are some extra needles
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