MANTARAY - SIOUXSIE [VINYL NEW] Label: UMGD/DECCA Format: LP Release Date: 13 Nov 2007 Brand new. Ships usually within three business days from California, USA. Delivery via USPS Airmail and Royal Mail, may take 5-14 days. You are an importer of goods and might be charged customs fees and taxes by the government of your country. Album Tracks 1. Into A Swan 2. About To Happen 3. Here Comes That Day 4. Loveless 5. If It Doesn't Kill You 6. One Mile Below 7. Drone Zone 8. Sea Of Tranquilty 9. They Follow You 10. Heaven And Alchemy Vinyl LP pressing of the first solo album from the Banshees/Creatures frontwoman. Mantaray was co-produced by Siouxsie alongside Steve Evans (Robert Plant) and Charlie Jones (Goldfrapp). Features 10 tracks including the first single 'Into A Swan', Universal. 2007.