MANUAL, M1917 US Enfield Manual WWI, WWII, WW1

New reprint of the October 8, 1917 Ordnance Department publication "DESCRIPTION AND RULES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF THE UNITED STATES RIFLE MODEL OF 1917".

Comprehensive and complete. This was the manual intended for Ordnance Maintenance personnel and individual soldiers and NCOs. The US M1917 was a venerable rifle pressed into US service in two world wars.

The US Model 1917 rifle was the development of expediency... From 1914 to 1917 a Mauser type bolt action rifle was devloped and put into production for the British government by Remington and Winchester at three US facilities -Remington, Eddystone (an old locomotive works owned by Remington) and Winchester. These were known as the Pattern 1914 rifle and were chambered in .303 British. Production at these facilities grew to tens of thousands of rifles a month under large British contracts as the British were desperately short of rifles.

As the US entered the war in 1917- US Model 1903 rifle production was grinding at a small fraction of that number at Springfield Armory and Rock Island Armory. Rather than convert the Remington and Winchester works over to produce the US Model 1903 rifle, the decision was made to adapt the Pattern 1914 British rifle design already in production at high volume over to 30-06 caliber for US service. The bore and chamber and magazine
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