Many Books and Loose Coins Including Lots of Silver Coins No Reserve

The following description includes most of what is in the books and loose coins in the set:
Complete Walking Liberty Half Set from 1916 through 1940-S so it includes 45 halves. An average set but missing nothing. Type Set Book with 2 silver dollars, Morgan and Peace, 5 silver halves, 3 silver quarters and miscellaneous coins/silver dimes. One book mixed silver Roosevelt and Mercury Dimes of various different dates/mint marks - 55 dimes. Two incomplete sets Mercury dimes; one is a very nice set missing only the 16-D and 21-D with many XF coins (total of 75 dimes) and one is less nice and missing keys (total of 60 dimes). Two sets of Indian Head Pennies, one is average nice with all Flying Eagle coins and missing 1870, 71, 77, 1908-S, 1909-S. The other is missing keys and is buffy from one end to the other. There are at least 12 sets of wheat pennies of which 4 sets are the early years/dates and are missing keys. Several of the 1941 to 1962 sets are complete and nice. There are semi-keys here and ther in the early years sets. One set of copper nickel Roosevelt dimes, about 80. 3 sets of Buffalo Nickels with coins missing but some better dates ranging from 70% to 90% complete. 3 partial sets of Liberty V Nickels. A roll of red uncirculated 1946 pennies. 3 sets of copper nickel Kennedys - 55 halves, one is 40% silver. 7 Books of
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