MAP - IA DRANG VALLEY, PLEIKU, Mike Force, Vietnam War


Pleiku - Ia Drang


The Battle at IA DRANG (la Drang), South of Pleiku marked the first major engagement of US Military Forces with the Viet Cong, including Mike Force Special Forces Units, 1st Cavalry Division and the 7th Cavalry in Vietnam.

14 November 1965 saw the start of the battle along the Drang River with the 1st Cavalry Divison inflicting heavy casualites on NVA Units operating in the area with over 2,500 NVA KIA's.

The 1st Cavalry and US Special Forces lost over 230 dead in the four days of battle.

The 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry (Airmobile) arrived in Ia Drang Valley with a 450 Man Unit and initiated contact with a much larger Viet Cong Force hidden in mountainous areas surrounding the valley. The assault by the NVA was devastating, with a much larger force the VC attacked a small, 270 metre perimetre surrounding the 7th Cavalry Position.

For the next two days the 7th Cavalry, led my Lt. Colonel Harold Moore defended their position against growing forces. The arrival of South Vietnamese Troops, enough to equal the NVA force arrived on the 16th of Novemebr and the NVA retreated.

The NVA Forces, retreating towards Loas were re-enforced by a PAVN Regiment and in a turn-around headed back into
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