PLEASE NOTE THAT WE OFFER ONLY GENUINE ITEMS OF HISTORICAL QUALITY . We do not offer reproductions nor copies. This statement we stand behind for the life of the item. ~~why do we begin our auctions so low??~~It is because this is an auction, not a catalog. However, we do reserve the right to end an auction early if t is no action on an item prior to the auction end. Within the rules of Ebay. So, please bid if interested and it will stay. Visit our M E page if you get the chance, get to know us and our critters. Also, read our terms of sale below. Thanks for bidding on this item . IMPORTANT NOTE : WE NEVER OFFER SECOND CHANCE OFFERS., IF YOU GET ONE FROM US IT IS A SCAM. REPORT THIS TO EBAY.

~~The post office has raised their rates AGAIN., as well we know. Note that overseas rates have also changed and very complicated. Those wishing to bid from overseas, please ask first prior to bidding only because of the higher postage rates. . We have only gradually raised our shipping fee., please check this out prior to bidding. We must keep to these new rates., we are professional at packing and use top quality materials and care. [See our feedbacks]. Thanks to all for understanding and your support. ~~~~ WE WILL SHIP INTERNATIONAL: ISRAEL, EUROPE, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, CANADA, A.E.F. , A.P.O., SCANDANAVIA.
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