Hello, again, Ebayers! And welcome to week 2 of my "Help Keep Bottom-Feeder1956 Out Of Federal Prison By Bidding On His Crap To Pay His Taxes" Sale! I know, the name is a bit long, but I'm working on it. I did OK last week, so I decided to extend the sale into a SECOND big week! My insanity is YOUR gain! I collected all this cra,...uh,..valuable antique and collectable stuff by going to thousands of garage, estate and yard sales and diving into hundreds of dumpsters. I've done all the hard work for you! All you have to do is sit t on your fat ass and bid! Ready? Let's get started! THIS fabulous item is a PRINTING BLOCK for a MAP of BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. How often have you heard "It's not written in stone"? Well, this map of Brooklyn (or a small part of it!) IS written in stone! It is a small map of part of Flatbush, bordered on the noth by Eastern Pkwy, the west by Nostrand Ave., the south by DeKalb Ave. and east to Flatbush Ave., and apparently was a directional map to Fairchild Sons Funeral Home. It measures 6" by 5" by 2 1/2". Check out the pix! Any questions? Ask em! Oh, and before you say "This thing will cost an arm and leg to ship!", I will say "Au contraire, mon ami!" I can ship this anyw in the continental U.S. for $10 in a Priority Mail Flat Rate box, and it will make me very happy to see the lazy bastards at the post office ... read more