1970, Vietnam War MAP


1970 Map, Pleiku, Mike Force Bases, Detachment A-217 (Plei Ngo) and A-219 -

At this stage LLDB, RVN Special Forces Controlled. Numerous other Special Forces Base camps including Plei Me (Detachment A-255) turned over to Tiger Force Rangers, 82nd Airborne Battalion, October 1970.

Measures, 26 x 22.5 inches ( 66 x 57 cms ) From Personal Collection 1:50,000 Map Number 6636 IV

Excessively Rare - 1970

Pleiku (Play Cu)

Pleiku is the Capital of Pleiku Province in South Vietnams Central Highlands. During the french Indochine War Pleiku was a French Garrison Town and on the departure of the French in 1950's became the headquarters of the South Vietnam Army in the II Military Tactical Zone.

In 1962, CIA Operatives commenced training and command of Indigenous Special Forces Units out of Pleiku. Due to proximity of Pleiku to the Laos Border the Camp at Pleiku (and Pleiku itself) was under almost constant siege by the Viet Cong from as early as 1961. Due to this the mojority of Indigenous Special Forces Operatives from this base utilised nearby clandestine locations as their base camps and the Special Forces Detachment at Pleiku never grew to more than 200 odd men prior to 1964.

In 1964 the Special Forces base at Pleiku was extended and expanded its
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