Map of the State of Virginia, US Coast Survey, 1862 Civil War, Eastern Theater

Large, 4 color map of the State of Virginia by the United States Coast Survey by A.D. Bache, Superintendent, Washington, DC, 1862. Lithography by Chas. G. Krebs. and compiled by W.L. Nicholson, printed and distributed by W.H. & O. H. Morrison. Unfolded measures 24"x38", folded into hard cover, 3 5/8" x 5 5/8". This was the primary general map of the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War, needed by bureaucrats in Washington and Richmond alike and by armchair Generals and anxious families alike. The US Coast Survey was the high end scientific and cartographic bureau that survey millions of square miles and its value was never more apparent. Mapping products were at a premium and better mapped units strongly tended to perform better in the field than those with less terrain information. This map would be a strategic rather than a tactical tool and filled a significant void in planning and operations. The map is much more than just cities, towns, railroads and rivers. The map also shows the State of West Virginia before in actually joined the union (July, 1863), population tables of whites, free blacks and slaves and railroad tables. Perhaps most importantly the Federal government literally put the bullseye of the Confederate capital of Richmond! Concentric rings measured in 10 mile increments give purchase to the Union war ... read more