MAP - US Special Forces A-301 - BEN CAT - Vietnam War

From Personal Collection One Only Available High Detail

Ben Cat

North of Saigon, East of Cu Chi, Map

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Extremely Rare - 1969 Printed


Excellent Piece - RVN map - Vietnam

1970 MAP of Ben Cat - Area in Binh Duong Province, north of Saigon. Surrounded by some of the most important tactical and strategic areas of the entire war. With Tay NInh to the north and Cu Chi to the west BEN CAT was a major US Special Forces facility charged with the defence of these areas. The US Special Forces base Camp at Ben Cat was designated A-301 (Trang Sup) and was of the larger of the indigenous Mike Force Training camps in South Vietnam and one of the earliest to be officially recoginsed as having US Sepcial Forces based t with the location reported as having MACV Activity as early as 1963, as the war progressed the base camp increased in size from it's original size of 180 plus operatives to house well in excess of 1,000 operatives.

An excellent 1970 piece, height of the war when it can reasonably be claimed (and has been admited since by the VC) that it was likely that the US would win the war if not for political interference. By late that year, in November 1970 the US Special Forces had handed the base camp at Ben Cat over to the Tiger Force Rangers 65
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