Mara Dominioni Sculpture representing Royal Caribbean

"This original sculpture by Mara Dominioni is a visual interpretation of Royal Caribbean's commitment to you our valued guest. The hand sailing on the waves represents the care we take in providing an unforgettable vacation experience. The waves symbolize our devotion to protecting the environment, and the glove indicates our international itineraries and the unknown experiences which lie ahead. We thank you for choosing to celebrate the Millennium with us. Royal Caribbean International".

The marble base is black with white lines running through it, I believe the waves, hand, and world are either bronze or brass. It is nonmagnetic. The sculpture weighs between 6 and 7 pounds. The marble base has some scratches (which are NOT highly visible) and without those scratches the CONDITION would be Excellent. With them perhaps very good is a better description. Since it is a cruise to celebrate the MILLENNIUM I am dating it to the year 2000. Great addition to your cruise ship collection. Because of the weight it is probably best to ship in MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX but I am open to other shipping options of your choice. Thank you for your interest. Questions always welcome.