Marantz 1150 Integrated Amplifier- Audiophile owned, very nice condition

Hello and welcome to my listing for a Marantz 1150 integrated amplifier. I'll keep this short to say this is an extremely nice entry level amp for someone looking to start a vintage audio system.

I see another one of these currently listed with a non original volume knob and aftermarket jumpers, nothing doing like that here. Everything is factory original right down to the power cord that has Marantz embossed on both sides.

Cosmetically I would rate this taking its age into consideration a 8.5 and a 10 operationally. There are some small marks in the lower left corner and there are some nicks along the top edge of the faceplate.

The only reason that I'm selling is that when you have too many toys and don't have the time to play with them all, something has to eventually move on.

Being a 37+ year old piece of vintage electronics, there cannot be any type of warranty issued or even implied. But what I can assure you of is that Marantz equipment quality being what it is, this should render someone more years of enjoyment as it's previously done for me.

Here's a link to a popular Marantz audio site with specs and pics for the1150..


I'm happy to say there hasn't been a single item I've sold here on ebay that a new owner wanted to send back for any reason.
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