Marantz Bi-Pin Lamps 8V 40MA Set of 8 Best Quality

Here we have Eight NOSPremium Grade MARANTZ Replacement BI-PIN Indicator Lamps For Stereo, Phono, Aux, AM, and FM. These are the correct 8V lamps for 2235, 2235B, 2240, 2240B, 2250, 2250B, 2265, 2275, 2285, 2325, 2330 receivers and other Marantz models of the same time period. I don’t have to get into trying to convince you that mine are the best bi-pins on Ebay, what I will tell you is my bi-pins will work and I guarantee that. Check my feedback for all 100% positive transactions. These are also clearly marked 8v 40ma, the same exact specifications that were used in vintage Marantz units. These will ship free anywhere in the United States. Thanks for checking out my auctions.