Marantz Model 18 Receiver Up for sale in my amazingly pristine Marantz Model 18 Receiver . This baby is in perfect condition (considering it was made from 1968-1972) it belonged to Harvard Librarian that cared for it as if it was in a museum.With that said I searched for about 5 years for this and it was suppose to be gift for a relative that I never had the chance to give it too. Condition - 100% working including the scope , hand painted dial looks factory new (this is a stunner) , no scratches anyw, complete booklet including scope adjustments For those interested in the specs see below (sorry for the web site cut and paste... but its accurate) I am sure anyone interested in a Model 18 knows the specs anyway It will also be very well prepared and packed for the winner Good Luck ... someone will be very happy with this Receiver
General Description Made in Woodside, NY - Hand painted DialRetail Price 695 Designed in USA Manufactured In USA First Year 1968 Last Year 1972 Blue Face Yes Gold Face yes Channels Two Tube Design One (scope) Tube Count 1 (CRT) FET Count 4 Transistor Count 73 Diode Count 76 Speaker Connections Two Chassis Ground Knurled Post AC Switch Yes Unswitched AC Outlets 1 Special Option 1 Hand-calibrated FM dial

Physical Panel Width 18 1/4 Panel Height 5 3/4 Depth 16 Weight 46, shipped

Amplifier RMS
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