Marble/Marbles,Pat Wilson Art Marble, Kitty Cats Marble over one inch

Returning after a year 's absence from making and selling marbles on Ebay.
This marble is over one inch in diameter but less than 1 1/8 inches .
This is a handmade marble,* Art marble, Animal, Cats, Kitty Cat marble, Cat profile, green eyes with white and brown fur, four images, with a multicolored design upper portion and pink blooms bottom.
* I use polymer canes that are purchase d, I select specific canes for each marble and slice portions from the canes. The raw polymer material is carefully molded over a glass base marble, the marble is smoothed, baked, sanded with several grades of sandpaper, then it is buffed and a light coating of acrylic wax applied. It is a long process to complete the marble and each is inspected carefully before li sting them.
My marbles are signe d with a tiny w , for Wilson.
Any item or marble that I sell, can be sent back and money refunded.
All pictures are super sized so you can view the details of the marble.
Check out the revised version of MARBLE MANIA, on sell now, at your book store. I bought my copy from B obblocksmarbles on Ebay . You can see some of my marbles on page 184 of the book.
Each marble that you purchase from me will be shipped in a box, each marble will be enclosed in a small drawstring pouch, and each will have a acrylic marble stand.
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