Marblehead 50-800 antique plank on frame sailboat hull

This fine antique 50" Marblehead Cheerio 50-800 is plank on frame construction with the original mounted deck hardware and the original stand. Great craftsmanship exhibited and when they are gone there will be no more and they will not be less expensive. These wooden boats were made and sailed from the 30"s through the war years and were replaced by radio control in the 70's. The original designs were from John Black who published "Yachting with Models". There is no indication of the actual builder, but these were built by average sailors in there basements. Not many are left and will soon disapear.
Look carefully and ask questions as there no returns. Do not use check out. All sales are final. I have described the item as I see it and attempted to describe it accurately. Shipping is for continental USA.