Marbles Hand Made German Indian Maglite Antique Marble

SIZE .... 43/64 inches or .67 inches FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION

Made in Germany Ca. (1850 -1910)

This maglite is a Gorgeous Purple Amethyst color when back lit.

It also has a great Ghost Core.

Got lucky and got a picture of that elusive little ghost in the last picture.

As you can see this Indian is in Near Mint + condition.

With a very wet surface.

2 Paneles that have Beautiful Gold colored stripes.

Has only 2 micro pin points, that you would probably miss without magnification and strong lighting.

And in the grinding process..An AS MADE scratch when the pontil was ground.

Other than mentioned this marble is in imaculate shape for a marble well over 100 years old.

A Very Rare marble in this condition and having a GHOST CORE ... makes this one a real keeper.


Even though shipping prices have gone up....


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I mail immediately after receiving payment.

Most orders are mailed within 1 HOUR after receiving payment.

A FREE marble stand will also be sent with EVERY marble purchased.

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