Marbles: Jabo March Madness Box Set of 6 MIBs 042209-1

Box Set of 6 March Madness Marbles


March Madness Run


Box of 6 Marbles

is an opportunity to own a box set of six March Madness marbles. March Madness marbles were made on March 19, 2009. The players responsible for producing and financing this run are Steve Smith (Smitty), Frank Miller, Mike Meade, Tom Jinks, Lee Linne and Russ Kasmar (retdex). With the help of Dave McCullough and the marble machine operators the March Madness run produced some incredible and unique marbles that are only surpassed by their fantastic designs, color combinations and patterns. Some of the marbles have gold, blue and green aventurine, oxblood and lutz. The marbles are all approximately 3/4 of an inch and are in mint condition. Pictures are enlarged tremendously to show fine detail and are photographed using bright light and a flash to show all the colors.

If you want to add an incredible marble set to your collection, then this set is for you!!!

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The Blended Boutique


A Note On Condition

We try to take the best pictures possible so you can see the condition of the marble and compare our grading to your own. If you are going to bid, please look at the pictures and please super-size
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