Marbles: Vitro Agate Opal Marble - 052909-4

A Beautiful Marble For Your Collection

Vitro Agate

Opal Marble


is an incredible Vitro Agate Opal marble. The marble is 5/8ths of an inch, has a irridescent type base and is in excellent condition, meaning no cracks, fractures, chips, hits or moons. Pictures are enlarged tremendously to show fine detail.

If you have been looking for a spectacular marble to add to your collection, then this marble is for you!!!

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The Blended Boutique

A Note On Condition

We try to take the best pictures possible so you can see the condition of the marble and compare our grading to your own. If you are going to bid, please look at the pictures and please super-size the pictures to see fine detail before bidding.

We are not experts at identifying marbles but we try our best to match the marble with the appropriate definitions/classifications and photos from marble books, web sites and other marble literature.

Payment is typically due within 48 hours of auction end. If you need extended time to pay, please notify us by e-mail.  You can save time and send one payment for purchasing multiple items instead of paying for them individually.  Purchase the items and you will get an e-mail
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