GET THE IMPECCABLE LOOK WITH THIS SILVER & MIXED METAL "ABSTRACT IMPRESSIONS" BROOCH Marci Zelmanoff is an insider name known in jewelry circles for her sculptural body pieces ... This studio modernist mixed metals brooch/pendant is a fantastic mix of texture, form, placement and mastery. It captures the eye and the imagination, giving each person a different idea of what it represents, making the work all the more delightful to wear and explore. In pristine condition and a one-of-a-kind statement piece. Zelmanoff was born in 1942 in Philadelphia. She studied at the Rhode Island school of Design and received a MFA at Southern Illinois University. She began her career as a painter, but switched to sculpture in 1964. Her primary influences were her teachers, Brent Kington and Olaf Skoogfors. She had a "one man" show at the Edward Sherbeyn Gallery in Chicago in 1971. Her jewelry was described in Craft Horizons as incorporating "tenth century Celtic art, art nouveau, and the irreconcilable present." Marci Zelmanoff is also recognized in "Jewelry Concepts and Technology" by Oppi Untracht. The BROOCH is 66.73 mm (2.62") long and 65.73 mm (2.58") wide It weighs: 29.5 gram It is hand signed by the jeweler: MARCI ZELMANOFF 25 JUNE 1979 79-160-1 PLEASE NOTE: THE CLASP IS IN A GOOD WORKING CONDITION!!! Please keep in mind: We sell
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