An original circa 1860 carte de visite photo identified as Marco Minghetti in an inscription on the mount verso and the over mat. Imprinted credit on verso and recto: "Le Lieure". A small hole has been punched in the lower edge of the mount. Card size: 2.25" x 4" .

Biography, Source: Wikipedia

Marco Minghetti (November 18, 1818 – December 10, 1886) was an Italian economist and statesman. Minghetti was born at Bologna , then part of the Papal States .

He signed the petition to the Papal conclave, 1846 urging the election of a liberal pope, and was appointed member of the state council summoned to prepare the constitution for the Papal States. With Antonio Montanan and Rodolfo Audinot he founded at Bologna a paper, Il Felsineo . In the first constitutional cabinet of the Papal States, presided over by Cardinal Antonelli , Minghetti held the portfolio of public works, but after Pius IX publicly spoke against the Italian Risorgimento he resigned and joined the Piedmontese army as captain on the general staff.

Returning to Rome in September 1848, he refused to form a cabinet after the assassination of Pellegrino Rossi (15 November), and spent the next eight years in study and travel. Summoned to Paris by Cavour in 1856 to prepare the memorandum on the Romagna provinces for the Paris congress resolving the
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