Up for auction is Marcus Glenns' "Floatin With the Mojo" Seriolithograph in color on paper signed in the plate with a Parkwest Certificate of Authenticity Registration #. Size is 16 3/4" x 22 1/2". I won this painting at an art auction on a cruise. Parkwest Estimated Value $440.00. Enjoy
Marcus Glenn is one of the most exciting and distinctive youngAfrican-American artists to emerge in recent years. His work deals withimagery and subjects which continue to fascinate him. His thematic visual dialogues consistently revolve around the creative process of making art; the solitary experience of the artist; the relationship between art and the viewer; music (almost always jazz); and musicians.

Marcus is known for his use of vibrant colors, his expressive use of exotic papers and fabrics, and his ability to create a masterful textured collage effect. His figures are animated and mannerist in approach, often stretching and twisting into impossible but highly expressive positions. He also has created a unique form of combining painting with sculpture to create a bas-relief effect. He has called this approach ‘Flat Life’ and has been developing the approach for more than a decade.

While the use of his imagination is clearly evident, each artwork is intensely personal to Marcus in that he draws upon his own experiences
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