This is an almost new Mares Brigade Viper Octo. It was purchased new and has less than 10 dives on it. It is being sold purely since my wife was lucky enough to win a brand new top of the line Halcyon regulator and although she loves her setup is making room in her dive bag. It is in excellent condition and was purchased from a retailer in June 2010. It has minowear but is in excellent almost new shape. It was pared with an amazing Aeris AT400 DVT that is available as a separate auction and will not be included in this auction but can be bid on my other auctions and if won shipping will be combined. Also the bite piece will be removed as it is used and is an extra small but a standard bite piece can easily be attached. For those unfamiliar with the Mares Brigade Viper Octo, b ecause of its side exhaust, you can breathe this one upside down or right side up, which means the receiver of air can be on either side of you and still breath comfortably.
terms and conditions: It is dive ready and will not be due for its annual service until June 2011 however due diligence should be done by the end user and if unfamiliar with servicing of dive equipment please have it checked by your local dive shop prior to diving. There are inherent risks that Scuba divers take and when diving, and by bidding on this auction and consequently owning
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