Margaret Hamilton 4 Page Handwritten Letter Signed +

Original Margaret Hamilton 4 page Letter -

All Handwritten and signed in Red Ink -

Letter Dated: March 29, 1967

Comes complete with it`s original envelope * stamped / dated: Mar 28, 1967 *

She`s best known for her role as the Wicket Witch in the movie: "Wizard Of Oz".

Her personal stationary & envelope are cream colored, trimmed in red. At the top of her folded letter is her married initials: MHM (Margaret Hamilton Meserve).

This letter was written to her friend who was an associate producer of a then, new movie titled: "Rosie".

A few lines read:

Dearest Jack-

For so you are! For all your hard work and success and rise! You are the same sunny - sensitive - very sweet person you were so many years ago and it is the greatest gift friendship can offer -

She writes a little about the theatre, then asks....

Suppose I get a good broadway part?

She closes in part:

Take care dear - I can`t wait to see your "Rosie".

So much love - Peggy

This signature of Margaret Hamilton is very rare to find, only her close friends knew her as Peggy and A note will be included confirming the Authenticity of this Margaret Hamilton Handwritten, Signed Letter and w it was obtained.

Letter (open sheet) measures:
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