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Doll Story

Ever since she can remember, Marie Osmond has loved and collected dolls. Being the only girl in the family of 9 siblings, Marie received many dolls at a very young age. One of Marie's fondest childhood memories was sharing her passion for doll collecting with her mother, Olive. As the Osmond Family traveled from country to country on their many world tours, Marie and Olive collected dolls from all over the world.

In 1991, Marie parlayed her love of dolls into a business that would become one of the most successful collectible doll brands in the industry. Being that Marie literally "grew up" on television, she chose to debut her doll line on electronic retailing giant, QVC . This also gave Marie the forum to show collectors that she truly was an avid doll collector and not just a celebrity lending her name as a token endorsement. While QVC continues to be the doll's primary source of distribution, Marie has expanded the line into retail stores, Internet sales and direct response.

Along the way, Marie learned to sculpt. Her first sculpture, a toddler doll she created and named after her mother, "Olive May", set a collectible record on QVC, selling over $3,000,000 worth in it's first airing at midnight! The hallmark of a Marie sculpture is the beauty dot placed
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