Marilyn Monroe Modelscope 1st nude? 3D stereoview

This is a wonderful find and a great historic treasure. You are bidding on an original 1940's Modelscope viewer with box, and eight stereoview strips which have 3 stereo pairs on each, for a total of 24 views of striking models. One of the stereo pairs is a rare early view of a model who is believed to be Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker). It's believed to be the first nude photo of her. The single filmstrip and viewer sold at auction recently for $5,500 ($6,490 with buyer's premium).

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The winner of this item will not only receive the viewer, box (missing end flaps), and Marilyn strip, but also 7 other strips for a total of 24 three-dimensional views of naked ladies. Who knows, you may find a view of another famous model/celebrity. The views are very interesting. Some models are posing with stuffed wild animals, or rock climbing in the buff, all tastefully done. As mentioned in the above web page. The views are faded to various stages as is normal, but still are quite viewable and enjoyable. I purchased this over 20 years ago from a Southern California dealer.

Email with questions. Buyer will pay $8.00 for insured shipping in the U.S. , more elsew Thanks!

Duh! T are 10 filmstrips for a total of 30 views.