Marilyn Monroe ~ 7 ~ Vintage ~ Life Magazines ~

Hello ~ For Your Bidding Pleasure ~ An Ultimate Collection of Life Magazines Featuring Covers, Photographs, Interviews & Articles on the late great Marilyn Monroe ~

~ June 22, 1962 ~ Marilyn on the cover wrapped in a blue robe ~ "Marilyn Monroe A Skinny-Dip You'll Never See On The Big Screen" ~ "Spotlight: Marilyn Monroe: she is fired from a film but her skinny-dip scene lives on" ~ "They Fired Marilyn: Her Dip Lives On" ~ Page 87: a nude Marilyn slipping into her blue robe ~ Page 88 & 89: A two page spread of Marilyn in the water on the edge of the pool's concrete. ~ Page 91: Two black and white photos of Marilyn with Director George Cukor. ~ Page 92: Black and White picture of Marilyn at her 36th birthday party & small picture of Dean Martin kissing Marilyn's cheek.

~ August 17, 1962 ~ Marilyn on the cover wearing a white fur hat and collar ~ "Memories of Marilyn" ~ Photographic Essay: Remember Marilyn ~ Pages 63 - 70: Fantastic Large Black & White's of Marilyn Thru Out Her Life Including Her Photographs of Mimicked Fabled Sirens Such As Lillian Russell, Theda Bara, Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow.

~ August 7, 1964 ~ Marilyn on the cover "Marilyn Monroe eight years before her suicide" ~ "What Really Killed Marilyn by Clare Boothe ~ Luce" ~ What Really Killed Marilyn: On the second anniversary
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