Marine Rifle Squad Field Manual FMFM 6-5

To Set Forth Guidance To Assist Squad Leader & His Subordinates In Training & Combay Operations at the Squad Level. Includes Information on Organization & Armament, Leadership & Command, Combat Intelligence & Counterintelligence, Fire Support For The Squad, Techniques of Firing, Combat Formation & Signals, Amphibious Ops, Helicopter Ops, Offensive Combat, Defensive Combat, Patrolling, and Special Tactics & Techniques. Plus Appendices & References

Pocket sized illustrated manual, 4" x 5-3/4", provides information to assist squad leader and subordinates in training and combat. Military surplus, Dept of the Navy Publication reprinted 24 June 1970. 9 Chapters with 7 to 9 Sections Each. 270 pages.

Definitely of Great Historical Note as Well as Very Informative For Those Who Did Not Have The Oppourtunity To Serve T

All Books, Manuals, and Documents are Sold for Historic or Educational Value Only. Use of Some Techniques, Devices, or Activities May be Regulated By Law. ALL Automatic Weapon Iformation Especially, As Manufactuer, Use, or Possession of such or Even Certain Parts of Such Are Required to be Licensed by BATF!

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