marine ship lantern large lens kerosene lamp antique

up for auction is an authentic Lcox.Crittenden & Co Marine Lantern,and still has the Orignal E.Miller Kerosene Lamp on the inside of the lantern, this is a very large ship lantern it is a corner model. This one mea 22 inch tall the frt panel is 17 1/4 wide, 12 inch tall to top of the lantern panel come to find out these large pre war red glass lens are very rare the glass itself is 12 inch wide by 7 inch tall this is a big one,It is extremely rare to find the orignal lens like this antique has,and still intact, back two side panels 10 by 12, 10 by 12, with two inch taper to dome, dome is 8 inch tall for a total of 22 inch's tall, the inside lamp is Orignal an early E.Miller kerosine lamp 6 inch dia 8 inch tall all orignal early 1900's this is an authentic Lcox. Crittenden & Co and is maker/marked this is the real thing, and is one of the larger of the antique marine lamp/Lanterns,as you can see this lamp is in very good condition,The Lcox. Crittenden & Co, Middletown Conn. orignal glass with the orignal inside lamp,by E.Miller is a kerosene lamp and still works,this lamp is in darn good condition.I tried to give her away nobody bid, you will never see her at that price again $99 dollars was a total give away I sell these antiques from my grannies collections to help pay for my meds you can not take the Items with you ... read more