Marine Space Ship from Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within

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Hey, Anime and Final Fantasy fans, this is a plastic model of the Space Marine ship from the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within groundbreaking CGI movie. Model is approximately between 1/72 and HO (1/87) scale.
I don't know what has happened to the rest of these toys, but do not see others Naturally then, this item is "rare" since probably "only" 71.6 million were made that month! ....anyway,
Ship has variable engine pod positions, with provision for landing configuration, opening compartments, and poseable ladders for cockpit access (currently taped to bottom of display stand). T are four 'to scale' figures (a pilot, one is Aki, other is Dr. Sid, one is a Deep Eye, ...but I'm sure you already know all this).
Because the wings are made from soft plastic, t happens to be some angular asymmetry to them on this model; I am guessing that it was part of the manufacturing or packaging process. It will be up to you to decide to try to use a little dry heat or steam to balance them; I've left this alone.
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