mario kart leaf trophy (club nintendo europe exclusive) READ DESCRIPTION (#7.)

1. this is my first eBay action EVER! i'm very proud to be offering this as my first. it is a rare club Nintendo item that was only sold through the European Club Nintendo. it "sold" out amazingly fast. (i would give more specifics on how fast they sold but they're not available, sorry)
2. I'm kinda sad to see it go but unfortunately, due to the economy, i need the money. it was only opened once by my son for around two minutes before i realized he opened it, i quickly checked for fingerprints and fortunately he only touched the small portion at the bottom. (the small brown ring) absolutely no finger prints were left anywhere else. the second and third picture i provided were from a different website so by all means don't worry about the third picture.
3. the box itself is 6 in. tall and 5.375 in. wide so it's not to big.
4. please note that the paper found in the first picture (the one with mario, luigi, peach and wario) isn't included.
5. i offer free shipping to the us. anywhere else i offer the cheapest shipping possible but it's not guaranteed that it will get be shipped quickly to any international buyers. i sincerely apologize for that.
6. I'll sell another Mario kart trophy soon (the special cup) so look out for that! also that one hasn't been open so that's a little more icing on the cake!
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