Mark Roberts Fairy Gum Drop Fairy 10" NIB Limited Ed

Mark Roberts Fairy Gum Drop Fairy 10" NIB Limited Ed 10" Gum Drop Fairy - Small




Complete with Certificate of Authenticity & registration card!

Mark Roberts is the internationally know creator of his Limited Edition & world famous, & magical winged "Santa Fairies". They are loved & collected by people all over the world.

You'll find that Mark Roberts Fairies & Santa's are truly magical, whimsical, & mischievous.

The Fairies & Santa's are wired for many fanciful poses, so fly them, fluff them, & set them free!

Most Fairies & Santa's hats, capes, & clothes are wired. Twist them, curl them & make them flowing.

If your Fairy has soft shoes, be sure to curl their toes.

Ideas for the home: Flying from chandeleiers, sitting on a banister, festooning a candlestick lamp, an ornament in hand, helping to decorate the Christmas tree.


As with all Mark Roberts Fairies & Santa's, he is outfitted with those beautiful iridescent wings. In addition, he has those soulful blue eyes that sparkle and those rosie cheeks, & glittered beard,

What makes this fairy special? He is precious. A yummy Gum Drop Fairy needs to be part of
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