Mark V Diving Helmet Experience ! Miller Desco

I'm not selling any equipment on this site.... I'm offering a Diving Experience..... Enjoy the fantastic experience of diving a vintage 1945 Desco Helmet , original canvas suit, heavy water brass boots, 60 lb. weight belt, helmet with com and original 1960 communications box, also has original Gates hoses with 1945 fittings.... Over 500 people have dove this successfully over the past 5 years.... Instruction Mark V video from the navy, most be seen before you get to dive.... You get certificate and picture of helmet on your knee upon completion..... We dive at Vortex spring with reservations... Call me @ The cost is $ 150.00 per dive at the spring, however I will travel on request to other locations for additional costs..... I operate out of Panama City, Florida...... Home of The Navy Diving School !

P.S. T are size restrictions being no taller then 6' 3" and a shoe size no

bigger then 13.... I have two suits, but they are both the same size.....