Marklin 8800 Mini Club DB 89006 Black Loco Z Gauge NR

This is for a Marklin 8800 Mini Club DB 89006 Black Loco Z Gauge 4-1/2" long I don't know anything about trains.

I do not have the means to test this (100% buyer satisfaction guaranteed) Out of the many engines I have sold

only a couple didn't work. This does need a good cleaning. It is a heavy item for such a small Loco.

When my sister passed away in Venice in 2005 I had all of her things shipped back to me and these trains and accessories

were in a stack of the boxes I opened.

I do not know how to grade condition. I am starting with a low opening bid in the true spirit of an auction.

I try to take enough photos to make an informed decision. Please let me know if you have info I can add to the listing.

If you get this and are not happy I have 100% buyer satisfaction or your money and shipping back.

Here is a little more info I made on this you tube video of where I got these trains /watch?v=6idevSF_wug

Let me know if you get to the end of my page and I will send an "extra" with this train. I combine shipping.

When my sister, Juli, passed away in Venice, Italy in 2005 after living there for thirty + years I packed

up about 100 boxes of her things and to sell her things I want to tell her story about her incredible life

that you can
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