I thought I had disposed of my excess Z gauge but have found another box in the loft! The track has been in storage and most will work as is but some might benefit from a clean.
Gathering in the last few bits here. In this lot are twenty nine pieces of track, curves of various radii and some straights. Most are usable as they are but some might require a clean and there might be a fishplate or two missing. Also included is a simple station platform and building. In some pictures it doesn't have a canopy but I found something at the bottom of the box which may or not be it. I took a photo of it placed in position. there are also two tunnel/bridge entrances, a rerailer, an incline support, a tube thingy (!) and some paperwork.
P lease take a good look at all the photos as they are an important part of the details. Feel free to ask any relevant questions and I will try to answer them.
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Have fun.