Marklin Wagon or box car. 320

Marklin Box car 320 This car is some time of Metal. It is heavy. I have a LARG amount of them. I have the track and everything. I am just getting started with all this stuff. We got this from my Husbands Father. He was a big collector and had the second floor of there home with a large set up of these trains track building electric what unites boxes so much stuff. These where made in West Germany. He got most of these right after the war. That is WW2 where he was a young soldier in the Hitler youth. He was on the East side and the American soldiers liked him and took him to the West side and he worked for them. Being on the West side he had freedom and began to collect all these trains. I will try to learn more about all this stuff as i list it. If you want to see these trains in action look on utube and they have the Marklin Trains running and you will get an idea of what all we have. Thank you.
Please feel free to ask questions. This item will be coming to your from MANNHEIM GERMANY. This is where i am living now. I accept paypal only. The payment is due with in { 3 } days after auction ends. Also give it 1 to 3 weeks for arrival. Most people have tol me it takes about 1 1/2 weeks to get to the U.S.A. Please take the time and look at my other items. Thank you for looking and good luck with all your bidding on ebay. Cindy
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