Marlo Thomas "THIEVES" Richard Mulligan / Michael Bennett 1974 Tryout Playbill

This is a rare March 1974 playbill from the Pre-Broadway engagement of the HERB GARDNER comedy "THIEVES" at the Shubert Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. (The production would open April 7th, 1974 at the Broadhurst Theatre in New York City, move to the Longacre Theatre on November 11th, 1974 and run for 313 performances.) ..... The play starred MARLO THOMAS (who had just replaced VALERIE HARPER) and RICHARD MULLIGAN and featured ANN WEDGEWORTH, DAVID SPIELBERG, DICK VAN PATTEN, SUDIE BOND, WILLIAM HICKEY, HAYWOOD NELSON, SUSAN BROWNING, PIERRE EPSTEIN, SAMMY SMITH, ALICE DRUMMOND, GEORGE LOROS and IRWIN COREY ..... Side note: The birth of this play was so traumatic, that when it did survive it came to be regarded as the miracle of Broadway. When the show premiered in New Haven, the reviews were less than enthusiastic and after arriving in Boston, director MICHAEL BENNETT quit and leading lady VALERIE HARPER, in solidarity with her friend, also bailed. The producers got nervous, pulled their funding and the production was shut down in Boston. News of the disaster spread quickly, theatre parties were canceled, "obit" notices were written in the New York papers and an apologetic sign hung at the entrance to the Broadhurst Theatre stating, "Sorry, 'Theives' closed out of town." Then CHARLES GRODIN came to the rescue, replacing Bennett ... read more