Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 601 All-valve Guitar Amplifier

For sale - my Marshall JCM2000 TSL601 (Triple Super Lead)
Absolutely pristine condition - n o dinks or scuffs - and fully functional
Lived in a home studio since I bought it from new. Used only a few times in a live set-up.
This amplifier is the "real deal" classic British valve amp. Only selling because I've switched to Fender and I'm only allowed one guitar amp!
Comes complete with the original sturdy vinyl cover, boxed original Marshall foot-switch and original Marshall user guide and product catalogue.
You can plug in an additional Marshall 16-ohm speaker to make a "mini-stack".
XLR speaker-emulated output is simply fantastic for recording. This works even if the master volume is turned right down, allowing silent recording (in fact that's how I normally use it).
This amp is very heavy (around 27Kg) so collection in person preferred but otherwise I will ship within the UK using ParcelForce next-day.
I've put up a video of the actual amp on YouTube:
Some more details cribbed from elsewhere...
Marshall JCM2000 Triple Super Lead TSL601 Features 3 Independent channels each featuring, Volume and Gain controls. Independent EQ on the Clean channel. Shared EQ on the Crunch/Lead channels. 60 Watt Svetlana EL34 power section. Individual Reverb levels
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