Marshall JMP JTM JCM Amp Head Cover

Marshall 85th Celebration Cover for DSL JCM JVM 1959 2203 Valve Head

This is a brand new Marshall cover in it's original unopened packaging. It was a limited edition cover made by Marshall in 2008 for the full size valve Marshall 1923H 85 Celebration amp head.

It will also fit the following Marshall model heads (it's photographed on a JCM800 2203) as they are the same dimensions as the 1923H - JMP 50/100, JCM 900, JCM 800, JVM210H, JVM205H, JVM410H, 1959SLP, 1992LEM, 1959RR, 2203KK, JCM 2000 DSL50/100, TSL60/100

This looks so much better/higher quality than the standard Marshall amp cover, and as you can see, it has the 85th Celebration design

The 85th Celebration 1923H amp head has dimensions of: 750mm x 310mm x 215mm