Marshall TSL601 Valve Amp!

Hello there, eBayer!
For sale here is a Marshall TSL601 60 watt electric guitar valve amp, used, but in very good order.
The Marshall is a three channel amplifier featuring a Clean channel having its own independent equalisation with Treble, Middle, Bass and Gain. The last two channels are Crunch and Lead, both having independent Gain and Volume controls, but sharing an EQ featuring Treble, Middle, Bass and a Shift button to scoop the mids for a more metal sound. Finally, the Master section allows you to tweak the Master volume so you can play at bedrooms levels without disturbing the neighbours, Presence, a Deep switch for more added Bass throughout the amp, FX mix so that you can tweak how present the effects going through the effects loop are, and finally two Reverb controls for the Clean channel and two drive channels.
Moving on to the back, we have an Effects loop so you can plug in your effects pedals or Racks, as well as a level select button. Also, there is a input section for an external speaker as well as a footwistch (included, worth £40!), Emulated Line Out and Kettle Lead power supply. The speaker in the amp is one custom to the TSL series, being a Marshall Wolverine 15inch speaker, meaning more bass.
The foot-switch included allows you to select the Clean, Crunch and Lead channels as well as
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